Coronavirus COVID-19 Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews

    ~ Ahmed Said Rashid, Doctor (MD) from MUSCAT
  • “Great website!”

    ~ Eric, Construction from New Hampshire
  • “This was a GREAT!”

    ~ Rufus, Administrative Assistant from New Jersey
  • “I am experienced first responder and Lab technician, even I got a few wrong but this proves basic training works.”

    ~ Joseph

    ~ sheila, Health Care Administration from Pennsylvania
  • “The course was very detailed and helpful.”

    ~ Franklin from Georgia
  • “The whole course structure was very useful and joyful. In addition to the easy way to understand the content to serve the purpose which is understand and apply where applicable. ”

    ~ Nasser, Caterer
  • “Easy to understand and you’ll enjoy it. ”

    ~ Andrew
  • “Great information and use of images and video examples ”

    ~ Juliana
  • “I enjoyed this training. It was very detailed and gave me a good understanding of COVID-19. I learned much information especially about PPE and how to use them safely. ”

    ~ Easha, Early Head Start Health Coordinator from Virginia
  • “Very influential video on the effect and production of COVID 19”

    ~ Felicia
  • “good course”

    ~ Lucie, Nursing from ON
  • “Everyone needs to gain knowledge based on experiences & lessons learned from "facts". Even for medically trained professionals, it is a refreshing course that will ensure a good fight versus COVID19. Surely, it saves a life!”

    ~ Erneto
  • “I appreciate the detail and practicality of rest wuestions”

    ~ Rachel, Other from Texas
  • “great school”

    ~ William, Health Care Aid from ON
  • “I learned a lot during this training.”

    ~ Alexus
  • “Well done! Given us WHO site to keel us informed”

    ~ Brenda, Other from New York
  • “This is a great coarse. Great way to get info out to people and help them understand education is everything. ”

    ~ Candice T.
  • “The information was straightforward and thorough but easy to understand!”

    ~ Marianne from Pennsylvania
  • “ Excellently superb course, please do updates, and more importantly suggestions for other courses, from other web sites, certificate or noncertificate courses on various principles, aspects of the Coronavirus”

    ~ Steven
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “what Hell is Booster Spot How Due i Date My Girlfriend Cindy Mitzi Rodgriguez During Covid 19 Should i Move to Hong kong ,Canada, Sydney Or North Dakota ”

    ~ Bryan M, 5 months ago
  • “the Instructor's voice wall is very calming, understanding, and knowledgeable.”

    ~ Okina, 7 months ago
  • “Concise, easy to follow, easy to understand. Useful.”

    ~ Thomas, 8 months ago
  • “Great Insite ”

    ~ Ealecia, 8 months ago
  • “This is a wonderful program with great up to date lessons and trainings. I would recommend pro training to everyone. ”

    ~ Megan, about 1 year ago
  • “I am an esthetician I use these courses to help me renew my license for state required CEU’s and to help me maintain a safe and healthy work space for myself and clientele. ”

    ~ Tiffany, over 1 year ago
  • “NA”

    ~ Tammy, over 1 year ago
  • “A very informative course teaches a great deal on the daisies ”

    ~ Natasha, over 1 year ago
  • “meh”

    ~ Grady, over 1 year ago
  • “5”

    ~ Michelle, over 1 year ago
  • “I highly recommend this course.”

    ~ Suelene, over 1 year ago
  • “Education materials were great”

    ~ Ann Marie, over 1 year ago
  • “I am a vol.. fire rescue and this course ”

    ~ wallace, almost 2 years ago
  • “Very helpful materials”

    ~ Ignacio, almost 2 years ago
  • “From beginning to end, everything was very easy to understand.”

    ~ Christine, almost 2 years ago
  • “Enjoyed this course it was informational and educational now I have a better grasp of Covid-19 and safety precautions.”

    ~ George, almost 2 years ago
  • “very easy to understand and simple to follow”

    ~ Kalsey, almost 2 years ago
  • “I have learned a lot from this video , it was very educational.”

    ~ Misti, almost 2 years ago
  • “Yeah I'm happy and I'm so praised to help it all that people”

    ~ Alside, almost 2 years ago
  • “Helpful tips to stay safe during a pandemic that you may not have thought of.”

    ~ Christina, almost 2 years ago