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COVID-19 currently has no specific recommended treatment. The current treatment includes supportive care and management of symptoms while your body fights the illness. Studies are currently underway using medications that have been effective against other viruses. If you or someone in your household has suspected or actual COVID 19, they need to stay in isolation away from other people until they have recovered.

Antibiotics do not help with COVID 19, as they do not work against viruses.

More serious cases of COVID 19, may have to be admitted to hospital where they can be closely monitored and given other treatments like supplemental oxygen, fluids and drugs.  More serious cases are placed in intensive care units where their breathing can be better controlled with non-invasive respiratory support with treatments like continuous positive airway pressure masks of CPAP masks or they are sedated and placed on a respirator to enable them to breath while their body fights the infection.

We will update this video as more is known about treatments and when they become available.