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COVID-19 Treatment Overview

Learn about the current treatment options for COVID-19.

Supportive Care and Symptom Management

COVID-19 currently has no specific recommended treatment. Supportive care and symptom management are essential while the body fights the illness.

Isolation and Antibiotics

If you suspect COVID-19, isolate yourself or the affected individual from others until recovery. Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses like COVID-19.

Hospitalization for Severe Cases

More serious cases may require hospitalization, where patients receive close monitoring and additional treatments such as supplemental oxygen, fluids, and medications.

Intensive Care Treatment

In intensive care units, patients with severe respiratory distress are provided with non-invasive respiratory support or placed on a ventilator to assist breathing while combating the infection.

Updates on Treatment

We will continue to update information on treatments as more becomes known about effective medications and interventions.