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We have gone over what we now know about coronavirus, but now we will spend a few minutes debunking a few of the major myths surrounding the virus and its vaccines.

One of the major myths about coronavirus is that the function of the lockdowns are to eradicate the virus. This is not true, as for that to happen, there would have to be close to zero human to human contact, as this is how coronavirus is transmitted. The main reason that we are being put into lockdown is to try and minimise the spread of the virus. In doing so, the healthcare system should not become overrun with patients needing vital treatment. Lockdowns buy scientists the time they need to develop long term solutions to the problem, which, in this case, is the vaccines that are being distributed.

Another major myth is that the vaccines have undergone less rigorous testing. This myth has arisen due to the vaccines passing trials and tests quicker than other medications and vaccines. However there are two reasons as to why this has occurred. Firstly, vaccines normally need a lot of funding which takes a lot of time to resource, however due to the nature of this pandemic, this has not been an issue. Secondly, some stages of the testing have taken place at the same time as others, whereas normally they would be sequential. This decreases the necessary time by a huge margin, and has allowed us to achieve this vaccine as quickly as possible.