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Guidelines for Using Medical Masks During COVID-19


Medical masks, primarily intended for healthcare professionals, are now increasingly utilized by the general public amidst the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

Preparation Before Applying a Mask

Before wearing a mask:

  • Hand Hygiene: Wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds or use alcohol hand gel.
  • Mask Inspection: Check the mask for any defects or damage.
  • Proper Orientation: Ensure the mask is worn with the correct side up and facing the right direction.
  • Avoid Touching Face: Refrain from touching your face while wearing the mask to prevent contamination.

Removing the Mask

When taking off the mask:

  • Hand Hygiene: Wash hands thoroughly and use alcohol hand gel to prevent transferring infections to your face.
  • Safe Disposal: Dispose of the mask properly after removal.
  • Hand Hygiene Again: Wash hands again after removing the mask.


Following these guidelines ensures proper usage and disposal of medical masks, contributing to effective infection prevention during the COVID-19 pandemic.