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Effective Surface Cleaning to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission

Understanding Surface Contamination with Coronavirus

Learn about the longevity of coronavirus on various surfaces:

Importance of Proper Surface Cleaning

Ensure thorough cleaning with appropriate antibacterial wipes to prevent virus spread:

  • Use specialized antibacterial wipes to effectively clean surfaces without further contamination.
  • Avoid using regular wipes, as they may spread the virus instead of eliminating it.

Surfaces Requiring Regular Cleaning

Identify key surfaces that should be regularly wiped and disinfected:

  • Healthcare sector facilities, including equipment and high-touch areas.
  • Toilets, sinks, and other frequently used areas in both public and private settings.
  • Classroom tables and shared surfaces in educational institutions.
  • Mobile phone screens, which are often overlooked but can harbor viruses.

Effectiveness of Surface Cleaning

Regular cleaning routines can significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission:

By diligently cleaning these surfaces and more, you can help mitigate the spread of the virus.