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Importance of Handwashing During Pathogen Outbreaks

Keeping Hands Clean: Essential in Times of Outbreak

Learn about the critical importance of hand hygiene during pathogen outbreaks:

Thorough Hand Cleaning

Key points from the World Health Organisation (WHO):

  • Ensure thorough hand cleaning for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • This duration allows the soap to effectively clean your hands, as soap requires time to work.

Jewellery Removal and Proper Handwashing

Steps for effective handwashing:

  • Remove all rings, except a plain wedding band.
  • Turn on the tap and wet your hands.
  • Apply soap, covering all surfaces of both hands evenly.
  • Thoroughly dry your hands to prevent bacterial spread.

Awareness of Surface Contact

Additional consideration:

  • Be mindful of surfaces touched before and after handwashing to avoid reinfection.